Friday, 27 May 2011

KSA Magic Face and Body Bleaching Cream

let's talk about PEKLAT baby! lols. scars! i hate scars! i get them from mosquito bites, surot bites.. those tiny green grasshopper bites and random scratches either out of sheer clumsiness or from playing with my dog. don't you just hate it when it's summer and everybody's showing their legs and you can't cos of your piso collection? bad trip pareeeee.. ako sa totoo lang, sobrang maarte ako pag dating sa ganyan. pag may nakikita akong kahit konting bakat ng scar, hindi ako mag shoshorts. meeennn! titiisin ko ang init ng naka-pants maitago lang ang letcheng mga peklat ko. lols. exagge yon. hehe.. pero seryoso. having scars on our legs can sometimes make us feel insecure. eh pero ganon tlaga.. hindi lahat ng babae pinanganak ng maganda at makinis ang legs. same way na hindi rin lahat ng babae ay biniyayaan ng maputi at maikinis na kili-kili tulad ng kay anne curtis. but don't worry girls! there is always something for us to improve what we already have.

first of all, i'd like to say.. just because one product work for someone, it doesn't mean it will work the same for you. note that we have different skin types. so sometimes you just have to find the right product for you.

personally, i don't have sensitive skin but i am careful of the products that i use mainly because i don't want to mess up my skin. haller.. sino naman ang gustong maging polka dot ang balat diba? so as much as possible, i use mild, hypo-allergenic products. siguro ang pinaka-adventurous ko na ay ang pag try ng KSA Magic Face and Body Bleaching Cream.

(note: there is nothing wrong with the product, mind you. i'm not saying it's harsh or anything. i'm considering it a risk because i do not know anyone who uses KSA when i bought it. i also haven't read any reviews about it.)

i originally use Mosbeu. it's a great product that whitens armpits, inner thighs.. mosbeu can be bought at watson's for 900 sumthin pesos. basta hindi lalampas ng 1k. a pot lasted me for a month but i guess it could have lasted longer if i used it strictly for underarms and inner thighs. ginamit ko din kse sa scars.. out of curiosity. hehe.. effective naman. ; )

of course a thousand pesos for a month's worth of use is kinda steep. that's why i tried looking for alternates..

my first attempt is the KSA Magic Face and Body Bleaching Cream. bought it at a KSA stall in sta. lucia (grand mall). i wanted to focus on the scars i have on my legs because i am feeling OC and refuse to wear shorts until my scars are untraceable by my eyes. pwede naman kasing hindi makita ang kilikili e. lols.

a pot costs 180 Php and it lasted me for almost 2 months. note, i am using this more on my scars than my armpits. it doesn't really have a strong scent.. pero kung hindi ka sanay gumamit ng mga cream o lotion, mejo ayon.. masasanay ka rin sa amoy. hehe.. it's creamy but when it dries off, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling. i think that's one of the things i love about it. ayoko kse ng mga products na greasy ang after feel. after 2 weeks, most of my scars have lighten up. ngayon they are almost non-existent and that makes me happy. i just started my second pot.. i am hoping by july, wala na kahit bakas ng scars ko. i'll write an update on this post on july with a picture of my legs so you guys can see.. sayang walang before and after comparison.

PERO TEKA! NOTE THAT I DO NOT USE IT ON MY FACE. i am really really careful on what i put on my face and i suggest you guys be careful too. i know some people are crazy over getting a fairer skin. i don't have anything against whitening creams or lotions but if you ask me, i'd suggest you just use a whitening soap like silka, kissa or likas. kse at least ang soap, you can use it when you bathe.. you don't miss a part. tska parang ang uncomfortable kse isipin ang cream sa leeg sa gantong weather.. parang anlagkit. hehe.. but that's just my opinion. : )

so ya.. if you're not so much in a hurry to get rid of your scars (as in you've got like at least 2 months to spare), KSA Magic Face and Body Bleaching Cream is a good buy. costs you less too! ; )

what about you girls? any scar remover products or scar removing tips you can share? pag usapan nten yan.

also, this is my first attempt to review a product. i know it's not very good.. tiis muna. hehe :-P



  1. wow .. super informative ng review mo ..
    nakumbinsi mo akong bumili haha ..
    buti na lang nakita ko toh :))

  2. naaliw ako sa review mo, aside from being informative.
    I actually looking for any scars spot remover for my face and legs. I tried e-rase placenta last month, for 1 week of using it makikita mo na agad yung result kasi parang pinapalitan nya yung dead skin cells. ayun na-overwhelm ako kaya tinodo ko ang paglalagay, too bad, tinodo nya rin ang pagpapalit balat. Prang nafkaroon ng burn or something, basta mahapdi. My sister said na dapat daw di ko ginagamit sa fresh scars at wag daw ako magpapa-araw. Kaso natakot na ko gamitin ulit. It took me one week to heal the burned skin. Did not apply anything for a while. Ayun.

    For now I'm looking for some other stuff that will help me get away from dark spots... thanks for this info, will try this one for my legs, pag epektib gamitin ko paunti-unti sa peslak ko :)

  3. Hi I have used KSA whitening cream and my skin is super sensitive kase morena ako lahat ng uri ng pampaputi sa mukha na gmaitin ko hindi sya okay gamitin dahil nagkakarun ako ng maliliit na butlig called rashes and its getting itchy for 2- 3 days, Gumamit na ako ng halos lahat ng uri ng pampaganda na effective naman sa balat ng iba,kaya minsan I am convinced to use and try it on my face but all of them didnt work.

    Regarding KSA magic cream i bought for 300 buy one take one and i used after that but it gives me rashes now, I stopped using it now it ruins my smooth morena skin. I have been using Yoko cream and so far this is the most effective one. And one thing that is best is facial treatment in DERMCLINIC the best.

  4. I tried using KSA Magic cream on my face and I got rashes too. Thinking that I just tried it once.

  5. I'm using this product and it really suits my skin :) every night inaapply ko sa face, neck, underarms, and sa lahat ng feeling ko na maitim. Hahaha. napaka effective neto. ang kinis ng mukha ko at pumuti talaga lahat ng dark spots ko. pero hindi lang naman ito yung ginagamit ko sa mukha ko i also use toner kaya siguro maganda rin yung effect :)

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